Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville’s Resource Guide


Robert P. Givens has built a solid career in the area of national security. As president of RPG Consulting, he uses his leadership and problem solving skills to coach clients on strategic planning and alternative futures. A Kentucky resident and veteran, Robert P. Givens is also a member of the Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville.

One of the services offered by the Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville (VCAL) is an extensive community resource guide made to assist veterans and their families. By providing an integrated support network of community members, businesses and services, initiatives, and organizations, VCAL hopes to make Louisville a welcoming place for veterans, ensuring they return to an optimal quality of life.

The community resource guide provides lists and contact information of organizations that provide services such as benefits assistance, employment, legal assistance, and housing. This effort also educates Louisville citizens on how best to help veterans, and gives veterans a better handle on their daily needs upon returning home and throughout their lives.

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